Ibadi Jurisprudence (Krakow, 27-29 mai 2013)

In assuming that the Kharijis and the Shiites derived their doctrines from the orthodox schools of law, Schacht (The Origins of Muhammadan Jurisprudence (Oxford 1950) deals only with Sunni literature. Recent studies on the Ibadi madhhab demonstrated that, contrary to what Schacht averred, the Ibadis took a detached line from the beginning. They had their own independent authorities, collections of traditions and works by their own jurist

The aim of this study was to analyse the origins and the development of the Ibadi madhhab and its relationship to the Sunni schools from the early centuries of Islam until today. There are some important questions facing this issue, for example whether or not the Ibadi fiqh developed independently of the Sunni fiqh, which was the role of the early Ibadi authorities, whether or not the position attributed to Jabir b. Zayd in the formation of Ibadi fiqh could be accepted.

The planned conference started with the early stages of Ibadi jurisprudence in Basra and Iraq, continued in a chronological order, compared the developments in the Ibadi east and the Ibadi west and extend then horizontally in directing the view on different subject matters.

Programme : https://ibadistudies.org/index.php/conferences/past-conferences/krakow/32-conference-programme